property valuer melbourne - real estate valuer


What is the cost ?:
From $400 plus GST however quotes are generally based around the style and size of the property. Buchanan and Company generally operates on an up front fee basis with payment by cheque on the day of inspection or via a direct bank transfer.

What are the time frames ?:
An inspection will generally take 30 to 60 minutes. The report will be mailed to you within 5 working days of the inspection.

When can you come out ?
Usually within 2 days of the initial telephone call.

What do I need to provide ?
1. You need to provide access to the property. Agent details are usually provided if the property is leased.
2. A copy of the title and title plan if available. Alternatively, the documents can be searched via the State Governments Land Channel web page for around $20.

Why do you need the title ?
The title and title plan are the legal hold on the property and detail ownership, any encumbrances such as covenants and easements and provide the dimensions of the site.

Why should I use Buchanan and Co ?
The report you receive will be thorough, accurate and informative.
The feedback will be honest and frank.
If you are selling, advice will be given on:
methods of sale
maintenance required prior to selling
possible improvements prior to selling
non maintenance property enhancements such as over/under furnishing
If you are buying, the report will suggest whether:
a maintenance report is undertaken
a solicitor is engaged to verify paperwork
the property has alternative uses and potential.

What do you base the valuation on ?
Relevant local sales. These sales are externally inspected and analysed, directly comparing the immediate and general location, the size and style of the improvements including the character and functionality, the size, shape and characteristics of the land and noting the services and amenities within proximity of the property which will include public transport, parklands and shopping.
These sales are verified and further analysed from information including detailed internal photographs obtained from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.
A sample of the sales information is detailed within the final page of the report delivered to you.